CHRO Nih Mindat Ah Ralhrang Pawl Chinmi Nih Tamtuk An Thah Hna Tiah Alanghter Cang.

Nihin zaan lei suimilam 3:00pm hrawng in a cang mi, Mindat khuapi ah Mipi le Ralkap karlak ral dohnak ah Ralkap lei tam taktak an thi, cu lawng si loin Ralkap motor tiang khangh piak an si tiah Chin Human Rights Organization (CHRO) nih mirang ca bak in vawlei theih in an tarlangh ve cang.

CHRO nih a tarlangh ning ahcun “Mipi le Ralkap karlak i kahnak ah Ralkap lei minung(15) nak tlawm lo an thi. Cu lawng si loin Ralkap nih thazaang an rak chap, Matupi lei in Motor in an rak ra nain Mindat mipi nih lampi ah an bawm hna. Ralkap motor lila zong mei ning khangh a si i cu ahcun Ralkap 10 hrawng an thi rih” tiah a langhter.

Nizaan lila zong ah Mipi le Ralkap karlak raldohnak cu Mindat khuapi ah a um cang i cu ahcun Ralkap minung 3 an thi ti asi. A si nain nizaan le nihin tiang ah khua mi le a thi mi le hliamtuar mi an um le um lo zeihmanh an langhter mi a um rih lo.

May be an image of one or more people and outdoors
Breaking: As many as 15 Burmese soldiers have reportedly been killed in a firefight with local civil militia in Mindat, SouthernChin State. According to local sources, one army truck is seen burning in Mindat and as many as 10 soldiers who were coming to Mindat as part of a convoy of three trucks as a reinforcement from Tactical Operations Command headquarters in nearby Matupi town were killed in an ambush. Five other soldiers were reported killed inside Mindat town. Sources futher said the army is
sending more reinforcements on another convoy in five army trucks from Pakukku town. The firefight is reportedly continuing inside Mindat town as of 5:45 pm. At least three soldiers were killed in a similar battle Mindat last night. No report of casualties on the side of civil militia.

Source: Chin Human Rights Organization

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