Thawngpang Tha : Lunglei Meikang Helicopter He Mawtaw He An Thah Cuahmah.

Mizoram, Lunglei khua i ram meikaang cu minung thazaang lawng in thah khawh a si ti lo caah Indian Air Force nih Helicopter in an rak thahpiak hna. Lunglei meikaang hi April 24 zinglei sml. 7:00 hrawng ah Saishi timi tlaang hrawng in aa thawk i Lunglei khua i Zotlang, Chenmari le Serkawn timi sang tiang a lawn.

May be an image of outdoors
Cun, Lunglei District chung lawng si loin Lawngtlai District lei tiang mei a lawn i meithat zung rian ttuantu hna, Assam Rifle ralkap pawl, ramri congtu ralkap pawl le volunteer mipi i bawm in mei phelh an i zuam cuahmah. Hi Lunglei ram meikaang hi amah tein a thomi si loin minung pakhatkhat nih hramhram in (asioah) daithlan in an kanghter sualmi a si kho, tiah an zumh.

May be an image of fire and outdoors

CRD – THE CHIN JOURNAL. Dr SASA Cu R2P Seminar Ah Kai Ding In An Sawm Cang. Dr. Sasa cu Myanmar-Responsible to protect timi R2P Seminar ah a kai cang lai. Hi Seminar hi Australia Myanmar Institue nih an timh tuah mi a si i biachim tu ding, thil dirhmun fianhnak le ruahnak a chuah tu ding pawl hi mi ropui taktak, R2P kong a tawlrel tu le a thei hngal mi an si hna.


Pathian sin ah Dr. Sasa thlacam bawm hna usih, A mah hrimhrim Kawlram dirhmun, tulio rampi kan boruak kong a chim ding in sawm ve a si. Tutan Seminar nih theitlai ttha a chuah pi khawhnak hnga thlacam bawm hna usih.

A taang hi a mah Dr. Sasa hrim nih mirang ca in a tial mi asi i kan rak tarlangh chin. I am attending Seminar on Myanmar- Responsible to protect (R2P), organised by Australia Myanmar Institute.Moderator: Prof Paul Komesaroff, Monash University. He is also a member of the Board of AMI and Executive Director of Global Reconciliation an international collaboration that promotes communication and dialogue across cultural, racial, religious, political and other kinds of difference. Speaker: Prof Gareth Evans, AC QC was Australian Foreign Minister 1988-96 and was President of the International CrisisGroup from 2000-2009.

He is the author of The Responsibility to Protect: Ending Mass Atrocity Crimes Once and For All (Brookings, 2008). He is the Chair of the International Advisory Board of the Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect). Speaker : Dr Henri Myrttinen is a freelance-researcher on issues of gender, peace and security and a Lead Associate with Gender Associations International Consulting. He was based in Yangon until the end of March 2021. He holds a PhD from the University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa and has written extensively on issues of peace, gender and security.Speaker: Dr Sasa is Union Minister, Ministry of International Cooperation, National Unity Government of Myanmar.

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