Mizoram le Chinram ramtthen i a um mi hna caah Sianginn an on cang la.

(text book) le Sianginn hna cu on khawh ding in timh tuah a si.CDM a tuah mi kawlram cachim saya/sayamah te 30 hrung cu kan hau la.Mah sianginn on nak i timh tuah nak pi hi kawlram i a ngan bik mi FREE ONLINE EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION MYANMAR he i bawm in tuah ding a si.Kan tuah khawh nak ding caah thla rat kan cam piak uh law.

Cun CDF kuttang um mi khua hna i a on kho rih lo mi Sianginn hna zong on khawh nak ding caah CDM cachim saya/sayamah pawl le ram le miphun ca a cawl cang mi pawl he on khawh ding zong kan i zuamh thluahmah rih la tiah John Ahta Thintuep timi Account nih a tial.

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