Vei aw, kan bia tawi ko seh, Donald Trump Policy le Biden policy hi cuaithlai chunh ulaw, policy tha deuhmi vote thla te ko uh. Biden policy: Nau thah, nau hrawh, nau thlak, Police pawl fund pek ti lo ding, Meithal ngeih khawhnak phung hrawh ding, Phung ning lo in ramdang mi luhter. Ngunkhuai tam deuh in laak ding. US ralkap thazawng zorter ding. Budget zong tthumh ding.

Cozah nih phungphai vialte tlaih i cozah a si lomi poah rengh chinchin ding. Mi zei poah thimfung thlakter ding, citizen he zen lo he. Cozah nih cawn chommi ram ah ser. Sipuazi phih kharnak tuah zong poi lo. Cozah thazang thawnter i private thazang pek lo. Nu le nu, pale pa thitumhnak, Same sex marriage pom,  Socialist ram ah ser. Cozah nih zei poah ah i thlak i tlaih dih.

Trump Policy: Fale cu Pathian pekmi an si caah an nunnak zuah ding. Police cu a kan vengtu an si caah phaisa pek ding. Meithal cu kan ivennak a si caah meithal ngeih khawh ding. Ram pakhat kan si caah ram himnak caah ramri tha tein ven ding. Phungning tein ramdang mi lunak visa pek in luhter ding. Ngunkhuai tlawm deuh laak i, ramdang i a chuakmi company US ah luhter ding.

Ralkap cu rampi vengtu an si caah ralkap thazang thawnter ding. Small business timi sipuazi hme tete tuahmi thazang pek ding. Thimfung thla khotu voter ID ngeimi lawng nih thimfung thlak ding. Riantuan mi poah thazang pek i, anmah kutke in cawmnak thazang pek ding. Rampi sipuazi phihkhar lo ding.

Cozah hmeter i, institution le private sector thawnter ding. Cozah temtawnnak zorter ding. Capitalism timi politic le economic ah cozah renghmi si lo in zalong tein private le a ngeitu hna kha thazang thawnter ding. Credit: Salai Lairam Thang.

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