US Election Hnu A phi Chuak Phun Dang Ngai Si

US Election le phichuah pehpar II1). Atlanta, Georgia ~ Georgia State ah Vote vialte an rel than dih lai. GA ah hin Trump le Biden an inzuamnak ah Biden nih 14000 leng in a tei. Cu tin teinak cu Trump lei nih an cohlang lo caah Vote rel than dingin biachahnak a chuak cang tiah World Street Journal nih a thanh. Vote vialte cu handcount – kut bak in kan rel than dih lai ti asi.

(2). Pennsylvania Post Office buainakPennsylvania State i United States Postal Services (USPS) riantuantu pakhat asimi Richard Hopkins timi pa nih hin – Carek ah a rak phanmi ca pawl hna cu date a dik lo in (hnu khirh than) in cumh dingin ka rian bawi le nih an ka fial. Tiah a chim. Cu tin a chim mi a dik ah cun PA i cabawm in kuatmi mail vote poh poh cu relh lo asi hnga i Biden vote tampi cu hnawl an si ding asi Richard Hopkins cu FBI nih an dothlat tik ah “cu tin ka chimmi asi loh” tiah ai pheh.

“Recant” a tuah. Mah hi pa nih hin – ka chim mi bia hi a dik ko tiah ‘affidavit’ min a thut i, ‘ka chim mi hi a dik lo’ ti zong in affidavit min a thut than thiam. PA ah mah hi case hi Trump lei ttang nih akuat ah an i hmuh i Richard cu heh tiah an lem soi than.(3). JP Morgan chase – CEO simi Billionaires Jami Dimon zong nih Biden teinak cu cohlan dingin le Presidential election hi upat dingin a chim ve cang.

“Now is a time for unity,” and calling for Americans to come together and move forward with the outcome after Trump refused to concede.”We must respect the results of the U.S. presidential election and, as we have with every election” tiah Dimon nihin a chim.Amah lawng si lo US i billionaires hna tampi nih Biden hi an welcome cang.

Crd: Salai Biak

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