Tutan thawngpang cu lung a fak ko. Raldohnak pehtlai nawn in a umnak hmun, Chin ramkulh Mindat peng ah CDF pasaltha pakhat cu Bomb a hmanh nak ah ruah lopi in a puak sual i a nunnak a liam. Puah a hmanh puahnak in a nunnak a liam mi hi kum (20) hrawng lawng a si rih mi tlangval note a si, a dang pahnih zong hliam an tuar tiah The Irrawaddy News nih a langhter.

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Kan mah CDF lei nih Ralkap an rat nak ding hmun ah Bomb an tarh, cu ahcun ruah lo pi in a puak sual i kan CDF pasaltha pakhat a hmun ah a thi colh. A dang pahnih zong hliam an tuar ve” tiah CDF-Mindat tuanvo ngeitu pakhat nih The Irrawaddy News sin ah a chim hi asi.Ralkap nih rampi uknak an lak hnu in Mindat peng ah Chinland Defense Force le Ralhrang karlak kahnak a tam ngai a chuak.

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Thlathum chung kahnak a chuak mi chung ah CDF Mindat pasaltha lei minung 33 nih ram le miphun caah nunnak an pek cang hi asi. Chin resistance fighter killed in mine blast: A member of the Mindat People’s Defense Force in Chin State died and two others were injured in an accidental explosion while planting mines on Friday morning. Thirty-three resistance fighters have died in clashes with the junta since the February coup in Mindat.

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