Acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller nih Biden cozah team le Trump cozah team rian ichannak schedule vialte tuchun ah ngol ding in order a chuah. Zeiruangah order a chuah timi bia fiang taktak a um rih lo, Russian nih US Energy Department le National Nuclear Security Administration zung cu cyber attack a tuah caah a si kho men an ti.

Christopher Miller, Trump's surprise acting defense secretary, has a thin  resume for the job but deep experience in counterterrorism - The Washington  Post

Rian ngeitu cheukhat chimnak ah holiday lai a si caah a si kho men an ti. Tulio US Ralkap cu COVID-19 khamhnak sii phawhzamhnak tuanvo an la I an busy saling te a si. Joe Biden Transitional Team pawl cu an thinphang an lungre thei pah ti si. Catialtu. Salai Lairamthang

Pentagon and Biden Team Disagree Over Whose to Blame for DOD's Transition  Pause

Relchih:General Michael Flynn nih President Donald Trump cu martial law chuah i, Joe Biden he an i phomhnak swing state timi battle ground state poah ah a thar in thimnak tuah dingah ruahnak a pek. Newsmax nih General Michael Flynn interview an tuahmi ah “President Trump nih rianrang tein martial law chuah sehlaw battle ground i vote thlaknak seh,

Voting machine vialte la dih hna seh, ralkap nih white house le Federal zung vialte cong dih hna sehlaw Joe Biden lut kho lo ding in tuah hna seh, mah hnu ah battle ground state poah ah a thar in thimnak tuah seh” tiah ruahnak a pekmi cu interview ah a chim. Democrats nih Governor an tuannak le Major an tuannak hmun cheukhat ah hin vote firnak le hrokhrawlnak tampi a um tiah an zumh.

Inn cio ah vote an kuat hna, aho nih thimfung a thlak timi hngalh khawh a si lo. Chek khawh zong a si fawn lo. Citizen a si lomi zong nih rak thlak khawh a si, micheu inn ahcun cabawm in vote voi hnih le voithum tiang an kuatmi hna zong a um. Mi thi cia min in vote kuatmi cabawm zong a um ti a si. Vote thlanak seh hrimhrim hi a hlan tein Joe Biden caah software rak tuah hna sehlaw a dawh tiah an chim.

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