Luther Tinhre:Twitter, Google le Apple pawl nih Conservative an tuahto dan hna cu a fak taktak. Ralkap nih mipi cungah crackdown tuah he aa lo cang. Twitter nih President Trump account an thahpiak hnuin Twitter bantuk a simi Parler ah a lungfah pitu an i thial thluahmah hna. A rannak in Google nih Google Play in Parler app cu a hlonh colh than.

Donald Trump will not be forgotten - The Sunday Guardian Live

Apple zong nih an store in hlonh an timh rih. An authawng (voice) a thawng chin lengmang sual lai ti an phang. An hlonhpiaknak hna ruang an chimmi cu buainak khua le bia an chim an khaang sual lai an ti. Ralkap tha lo nih a mipi a tuk a den hna i an zamnak kip zong ah thah le nawn ding a dawimi hna he aa lo cang. An tuahto ning hna cu a fak bak cang.

Will ensure smooth transition of power': Trump concedes defeat, condemns  Capitol violence | Hindustan Times

Salai Lairamthang:Twitter nih President Trump lawng si loin Conservative Right wing radio host a tuanmi, Rush Limbaugh, General hlun, Michael Flynn zong twitter nih account an thah piak than hna. Conservative le Republican party a ttanhmi pawl account cu duhsah tete in thah an timh cang hna ti a fiang ko.

Rush Limbaugh leaves Twitter: Radio host deactivates Twitter account

President Trump nih ” twitter nih hlanpi in freedom of speech timi hi phih khar an rak timh cangmi a si. Twitter company minung pawl le democrats le racidal left wing pawl nih conservative aw-an vialte thah an kan timhmi a si. A rauh hlan ah US minung minllion 75 nan aw-an zong hi an in phih khar piak hna lai” tiah a chim.

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