Kawlram mipi tuarnak cu zeitindah athei lo bantuk cun ka um khawh lai tiah Dr Sasa nih a chim pin ah kumpi kum 13 rian attuannak cu riandinhnak a chiah cang. Dr. Sasa hi cu upat tlak taktak cu asi ko. Zapi theih in kumpi kum 13 chung rian attuannak cu siaharh ngaiin ram le miphun caah rian ttuan aduh ruangah riandinhnak a chiah tak cang.

Health and Hope ah Dr Sasa nih arian dinhnak ca a chiah cang. Hi rian dinhnak Dr Sasa nih a chiahmi konghe pehtlaiin Dr sasa nih a chimmi cu dawtmi hawikom le chungkhar, ralttha, vialte hna thla nan ka campiaknak siseh thaazaang nan ka pek lengmangmi cungah thinlung dihlak in lawmhnak tampi ka ngei tiah a chim. Kumpi kum 13 chung rian ka ttuannak ah atubantuk in dinhnak caa ka chiahmi hi thilhar sa ngaingai cu a siko.

Sihmanhsehlaw kan thinlung dihlak in UN palai Myanmar Special Envoy ah rian ttuan ka timh caah asi tiah a chim chih. Ka zulh dingmi ka lamthluan hi ahartuk lai timi zong ka theih ko. Sihmanhsehlaw harsatnak saupi atuarmi Kawlram mipi hna au nak hi a theilo bantuk cun ka um kho hrimhrim lo e. Nan thlacamnak ah rak ka philh hlah uh, Pathian nih kawlram thluahchuah ko seh tiah alanghter.

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Resignation and Prayers please. Dear Heroes, Comrades, Friends and Families, Thank you so much indeed from the bottom of my hearts for all your love , supports and prayers. Its hard for me to resign from the Organization that I have give birth and work for 13 years. But I have taken this new responsibility of Myanmar Special Envoy to the United Nations very seriously.

I know that this new journey in my life will be painfully complicated but I can no longer resist the call from our beloved people of Myanmar who have been suffering too much for far too long. Please continue to remember me in your thoughts and prayers. May God Bless Myanmar

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