Hakha COVID-19 Update: Atulio Hakha ah COVID-19 mizaw minung 72 thlopbul lio an si. June 10 in July 17 (SAT tiang) zaanlei suimilaam 4:00 tiang Hakha ah COVID-19 zawtnak hmuh mi minung 237 an si cang i cuchung ah minung 4 an thi, minung 160 an dam than, atulio aa thlopbul mi minung 72 an taang rih, tiah kan theih.

Hakha, the capital of Chin State in Myanmar. 26h bus ride from Yangon but  worth it!: backpacking

June 10 in July 17 tiang Hakha ah COVID-19 zawtnak check mi minung 1306 an si cang i cu chung ah zawtnak ngei minung 237 hmuh an si hi a si. (Hakha siizung ah an zohkhenh lio) Suspect in inn ah a thi mi hna kan langhter lo. SLHL Secretary , HCMF cum, Hakha Public Healthcare Team Leader. Credit: The Hakha Post.

Don't Overstay in Hakha – My Oh Myanmar !

Thawngttha lei a simi. Hakha sii-inn ah COVID-19 zawtnak in aa thlopbul mi minung 62 an dam, sii-inn in an chuak. Hakha Sii–inn ah COVID-19 zawtnak a ngei i aa thlopbul lio mi minung 62 an dam than i, sii-inn in an chuak cang tiah kan theih. July 16 ni ah minung 41, July 17 ni ah minung 21.HBC Lakhu kan fale minung 7 zong an tum cang. A dam than mi dihlak minung 160 an si cang. Bawipa kan i lawm tuk. SLHL, Secretary, HCMF

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