KIA nih Phakanh i Myanmar Ralkap Sakhaan Pahnih an Lak. Kachin ramkulh, Phakanh peng ah a ummi Myanmar ralkap sakhaan pahnih cu KIA nih April 18 zaan ah an lak hna, tiah theih a si. April 18 ah KIA nih Phakanh peng chung i Myanmar ralkap sakhaan pali an doh i Nam Jan khua ah a ummi sakhaan le Tang Gau Bum timi tlaang cung ah a ummi sakhaan an lak hna.

May be an image of one or more people and outdoors

Khuami pakhat nih, Zaanlei Suimilam 5:00 hrawng khan kahdohnak a chuak. Suimilam pakhat hrawng pehzul in an i kap i an i din. Cun, an i kap tthan. Myanmar ralkap sakhaan pahnih KIA nih an lak i atu hi a dang sakhan an doh tthan, tiah Kachin thawngzamhnak ah a chim.Sakhaan pahnih an lak hnu ah Tan Kaw Bum timi,

May be an image of one or more people

RC Thlacamnak tlaang ah hmun a khuarmi Myanmar ralkap le Ginsi Hall khua i ralkap sakhaan lak ding in KIA nih an doh cuahmah hna. Myanmar ralkap lei nih Phakanh ralkap sakhaan tlaang cung in miakpi pawl hmang in a lang in KIA cu pehzul in an kah ve hna, tiah Kachin thawngzamhnak KNG nih a ttial.

May be an image of standing

Credit:The Chin Journal

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