Pathian a tha. Master of Science International Business with Law cu Salford University, UK in ka ttheh fel ta. Merit pass ti cu mark 60 tlun a si. Nau pahnih thawn, office hna tuan phah thawn, hihnak ih mark sang cu beisei ngam lo. Pathian parah lungawi thu ka sim. Naomi pa le ka nau Ruthi, ka nu le nau le dang dang in ca ka zir can ah nau um, inn lam cangvei mawhphurhnak an la, in bawm.

An mah tel lo in ka ttheh thei hrim hrim lo.Ka dissertation hrang interviews in pe tu Dr. Thant Myint-U, Dr. Sean Turnell, Dr. Thet Thet Khaing, Kawl ram ih business leaders lang sar pawl parah ka lungawi.Ka rualpi Dr. Andrea Valentina, Nicola and Geraldine pawl parah lungawi thu ka sim bet duh.

Thank God. My result is out. I pass MSc International Business with Law from Salford University, UK with merit mark. I cannot expect more than merit as Studying, being a mother of two toddlers, doing jobs and others.I want to thank to Dr. Thant Myint-U, Dr. Sean Turnell, Dr. Thet Thet Khaing and prominent business leaders in Myanmar for giving me the interview opportunity.

Of course without the support of my husband, my cousin Ruthi, my mom and other family members, I cannot complete this study. They took care of the kids and house-chores so that I can spare time to study.My special thanks to my friends Dr. Andrea Valentina, Nicola and Geraldine for helping me with my thesis and other support.Horay one job done. Another challenge is accepted. By Cheery Zahau.

Relchih:NLD le Alliance. 2010 Kawlrampi thimnak ah NLD cu a lut lo. A luh lonak hi a ruang a um.Union Election Commission (UEC) nih Thimnak a lut duhmi party dihlak “2008 Phunghrampi hi remh a hau lo, kan hna a tla” timi min thutnak tuahter dih a si.NLD cu 2008 Phunghrampi remh ding hi policy nganmi pakhat a si caah min zong a thut duh lo, thimnak zong a lut ve lo.

NLD cozah policy ah 2008 Phunghrampi remh ding ti a si caah nikum 2019 chungah remh khawhnak lam a kawl ve, ralkap nih a duh lo caah remh khawh a si lo.USDP party cu Ralkap he pumkhat an si ko caah adang in ka langhter lonak a si.2010 rampi thimnak ah a lutmi party vialte hna hi 2008 Phunghrampi hi kan pom ve, remh a hau lo tiin min thutnak a tuah ciami lawng an si.

Cucaah 2008 Phunghrampi remh a duhmi party le a duh lomi party tiin an um. 2010 ah MP a cuhmi party le mah lioah a tel cangmi minung pohpoh cu NLD policy he a kalh cang caah NLD nih MP hmun tamdeuh teinak hmuh sehlaw President thimnak ding ca tiang a tling khawh lo sual zongah 2008 Phunghrampi remh a hau lo a ti cangmi party le minung hna he Alliance tuahnak lam a um ti lo.

Atu Chin State party pawl ah hin 2010 thimnak a lut cangmi le party thar a si ko nain remh lo ding tiin Min a thut cangmi lawngte an si. Min a thut lomi pakhat, pahnih an um zongah a duhmi pal he ikomh cang caah NLD nih CNLD he Alliance tuah khawhnak lam a um lo. A laklawh sual ahcun democracy tanhtimi Shan le party dang tampi an um ko.

2008 Phunghrampi ruangah a zei poh duh ningin chim khawh le kalpi khawh a si lo caah hi Phunghrampi kan remh or a thar kan ser hlan cu NLD hi tanh rih ding a si.2008 Phunghrampi ruangah Federal kong zong chim khawh a si lo, Peace kong zong chim a ngah lomi a si. Peace Conferene an timi hi a phung menmen in an tuahmi a si. Result a um lai lo. U Thanshwe a nun chung cu bia nem in zeihmanh a ngah lo timi hngalh cio ding a si.

2020 thimnak ah NLD nih cozah a kai than ahcun 2008 phunghrampi kong caah lam dang a kawl lai. A kai kho lo ahcun Ralkap uknak tangah 2008 phunghrampi ningin zungzal khuasak a si cang lai. NLD lawng 2008 Phunghrampi a pom lomi a si i party dang vialte 2008 phunghrampi hi ka hna a tla ve a timi lawng an si.Ralkap uknak tangah zungzal um ka duh a timi lawng an si.Democracy duh ahcun NLD tanh lawngah lam a um cang. Party dang siin Democracy kawl khawhnak lam a um ti lo. 2010 ah a cuhmi minung le party pohpoh caah lam a pit cang timi zong hngalh a herh ve.

Centre Cozah hi NLD a si ahcun miphun party cu State ah teinak a hmuh zongah Cozah tlai khawhnak lam a um lo, State hluttaw meeting lawng an kai khawh lai. Anmah duh ningin biakhiah khawh a si lo,
Central Cozah policy duh ningin tuah a si lai.Atu Kawlram dirhmun ningin cun cozah a tlaimi party ah ipehtlai lawngah thiltikhawhnak a um.Duhmi hal khawhnak lam a um.

2015 ah Rakhine State ah miphun party nih teinak a hmuh. Shan State ah miphun party le USDP nih teinak an hmuh. Cozah cu NLD minung nih a tlai ko. Hluttaw belte anmah miphun le usdp nih an tlai nain Central Cozah duh ning lawng riantuan khawh a si. An duh ningin merh khawh a si lo.

Phunghrampi tlamtling a ngei cangmi ramdang pawl dirhmun he tahchun khawh ding a si rih lo. Kan kaa lawng nih Democracy kan ti.Ralkap uknak tangah kan um rih, luatnak lam kawl lio a si. Ralkap kut in luat khawhnak caah NLD hi kan tanh rih a herh tuk caan a si. Țha tein khuaruat cio tuah u. Pawngkam aukhuangmi pohpoh zumh rih hlah u sih.Tukum zong NLD nih cozah a kai rih ding a fiang ko. State ah Miphun party nih tei zongah NLD nih Alliance a tuah lai lo ti cu a cungah langhater a si cang caah kan ram sersiamnak ca zong 2008 Phunghrampi thar sernak ca zong NLD hi tanh rih ding a si ko. Credit: Laiki Chozah