Hakha Ah Covid_19 A Chawnh Mi Minung Pahnih An I Chap Than

Hakha ah COVID-19 zawtnak aa chawnh mi minung pahnih an i chap
Hakha Na-Ta-La sianginn Facility Quarantine ah chiah mi minung pahnih cu COVID-19 Positive an si.October 13 tiang, Hakha ah COVID-19 zawtnak aa chawnh mi minung pathum an si.

Crd: DVC

Thawngpang Dang Relchap>>

Apoituk ti leng cun chim ding dang a um ti lo.Kalaymyo Taungzalat No 3 ah a ummi Tlangval No Lian Uk nih Zahan zan suimilam pariat hrawng ah hi vawlei nunnak in mual aa kan liam tak. Tlangval No Lian Uk te chung hi Van Bik Memorial Baptist Church Khrihfabu ah a ummi an si hna. Tutan ah hibantuk in a nunnak aliamnak hi Hri awhnak in a si tiah kan theih.

Tlangval No Lian Uk hi zeiruang ah dah amah tein a nunnak ai lak ning asi timi hi theih asi rih lo. Tutan ah a nunnak aliammi Tlangval No Lian Uk a nu le apa cu Pu Thawng Za Thang le Pi Sui Cin Mawi hna i , an fapa a si. Hi thawngpang kan vun langhter lio ah hin a ruak vui dingin tawlrel cuahmah asi. Tantak mi chungkhar Bawipa tunih in hmen ko hna seh. Nan ngeihchiatnak kan in hrawmpi hna.

Thawngpang dang: Laimi Tampi umnak Texas khua ah Karen Miphun minung 2 Thah An tong. Fort Worth, Texas khuasa Karen miphun minung (2) cu zarhte ni (Oct 10,2020) zingka ah an ruak in an hmuh hna. Mei in an thah/thih hnu ah an khangh ta hna ti asi. Mah kongah an hlethlai cuahmah lio asi.

An zumhnak ah mi nih an thah hna caah si dawh in an zumh. Atu hi biatak tein a thahtu an hawl lio hna asi tiin theih asi. An mahbulhnak caah fund hawlnak an tuah cuahmah lio asi. A tanglei link ahhin bulhnak pek a duhmi nih pek khawh asi lai. hika hi voikhat hmehpiak law bulhnak pek khawh asi

Two young adults from the Karen community have passed away this weekend. An investigation is still onv-going to find who killed these two valuable members of our community here in Fort Worth.We are raising support for two funerals and two families to support during their huge loss of a loved one. No pain would ever be like the loss of a child, and without answers at this time the family can use all the support we can give them. Please consider a donation during this time if possible, phone calls checking on the family and prayers would also be a great help.

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