Lungpho khua ahcun CNLD nih ahui dih ko. Lungpho khua result. Pyithu ah CNLD vote 24, NLD vote 13, USDP vote 0. Amyotha ah CNLD vote 28, NLD ah vote 19, USDP vote 0. Pyine ah CNLD vote 19, NLD vote 13, USDP vote 7. Independent in Pi Iang Tial Vote 10. Thantlang peng Khualhring tlang Sihcang khua result. Pyithu ah NLD nih vote 63 an hmuh. USDP nih vote 15, CNLD nih vote 7. Amyotha ah NLD vote 63, USDP vote 29, CNLD vote 4.

Aibuk khua result. Thantlang peng Aibu khua result cu Pyithu ah NLD vote 24, USDP vote 0, CNLD vote 4. Amyotha ah NLD vote 24, USDP vote 1, CNLD vote 3. Pyine ah NLD vote 24. USDP vote 1, CNLD vote 3. Thinghual khua vote result. Pyine ah NLD 63, USDP vote 26, CNLD vote 45, CNP vote 10.

Thantlang peng Banawhtlang khua vote result achuak. Teinak ahmumi hna cu atanglei bantuk in asi. Pyine No 1 ah Chinchin Pekthang nih vote 15 ahmuh. Pu Chan Ham nih vote 22 ahmuh. Pu Van Ni nih vote 14. Cun Pu Lal Maung Cung nih vote 1. Amyotha hluttaw in, Henry Van Thio nih vote 31. Pu Van Hmun Lian nih vote 9. Cun Pu Siang Lian hmung nih vote 11. Pyithu Hluttaw in Salai Van Bawi Lian vote 11. Pu Za cung nih vote 30. Pu Zo Peng nih vote 11.

Thantlang peng Tluangram A ah Salai Lung Thlitum nih vote vialte a hui dih cikcek. Thantlang peng Tluangram A vote result cu tlamtling tein an langhter i, Salai Lung Thli Tum nih teinak a co. Vote an hmuhning cu hitihin asi. Salai Lung Thli Tum nih vote 62 a hmuh i, Sayamah Ni Sui Lian nih vote 5 ahmuh.

Cun Dr Hmuh Thang nih vote 2 ahmuh ve i, Saya Rung Kaw nih vote khat a hmuh. Salai Lungthlitum cu Independent in aa cuhmi asi i, Sayamah Nisui Lian cu NLD party in aicuhmi asi. Dr Hmuh Thang cu USDP in a si i, Saya Rungkaw cu CNLD in a si. Thawngpang dandang kan vun thanh lengmang lai.

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