A poster showing de-facto leader of Myanmar's military government, General Min Aung Hlaing is torn in half on railings outside the country's London embassy, on 8th April 2021, in London, England. The democratically-elected government in Myanmar was overthrown by a military-led coup in February. (Photo by Richard Baker / In Pictures via Getty Images)

ASEAN nih meeting an tuah mi zapi i hrawm in cathanh chuah timh. Indonesia Jakarta ah tuah mi ASEAN Summit meeting ceihmai mi kong ah zapi i hrawm in cathanh chuah timh. Hi meeting ah Malaysia Prime Minister Muyhiddin Yassin chim mi, “Hramhram kahthahnak ngolcolh ding le a ruang um loin tlaihkhih mi thlahcolh dih ding,” zong a tlamtlin lai an i ruahchan.

Myanmar junta leader meets ASEAN leaders on first foreign trip since coup
Indonesia President Joko Widodo nih, “Tutan Myanmar ram kong meeting he pehtlai in ASEAN GS Zung in thil phun 5 cathanh kan chuah hrimhrim lai,” tiah an meeting donghnak ah a chim. Source: The Hakh Times (RFA)
A laang in meeting kai mi Min Aung Hlaing kir aa thawh. Myanmar Airways International (MAI) in 8M1 MMA 001 vanlawng cu Jakarta Airport in Myanmar ram lei ah aa thawh (kir) than cang.

Indonesia ram Jakarta khuapi meeting an tuahnak inn hmai ah Indonesian (miphun) Nuhrin Covo Phu hna nih duhlonak an langhterhnawh. Source: The Hakha Times (KhitThitMedia) Malaysia nih Myanmar Kong ah Thil Phun 3 a Hal. Indonesia ram, Jakarta khuapi ah April 24 ah tuahmi Asean ramhruaitu hna tonpumhnak ah Malaysia Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin nihMyanmar kong ah thil 3 halnak a tuah, tiah kan theih.Cu hna cu:

1. Myanmar ralkap nih sualnak ngei lo Myanmar rammi pawl pehzul in a thahmi hna hi arianrannak in ngol ding.    2. Ralkap uknak duhlo langhternak le cawlcanghnak ruang ah tlaih a tongmi ramkhel thongtla vialte thlah dih ding. 3. Asian Chairman le Asean Secretary General hi Myanmar ah luhnak nawl pek i, atulio Myanmar kong ah ttuanvo ngeitu bu kip he tonnak nawl pek ding timi hna hi an si. Nihin ah tuahmi Asean Summit hi suimilam pahnih chung ah lim ding a si nain suimilam pakhat caan an sauh. Myanmar kong ah zapi lungtlinnak an tuahmi zong a um i cu lungtlinnak cathanh cu arauh hlan ah zapi sin theihternak an tuah te lai. Source: The Chin Journal, April 24, Yangon

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