The 2 Chinas; Communist PRC and Democratic RC (Taiwan).Dinner Party at Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of China. Taipei, March 2019.China hi ram 2 an um.Communist phung in ai hruai mi People’s Republic of China (PRC). Atu tuluk ram tiah kan timi.Democracy phung in ai hruai mi Republic of China (RC). Taiwan tiah zapi nih kan theih mi.Hi China ram pahnih hi an ihruainak phung ai dan bantuk in ai ral ngai mi an si.

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Pakhat nih Chiang Kai Sheih kha an ram pa can ah an chiah I a dang pakhat nih cun Mao Tse Dong kha an ram pa ah an chiah ve. Voikhat US Department of State le Republic of China Foreign Affairs nih biaknak zalon nak kong he pehtlai in Indo-Pacific region I civil society pawl biaruah nak Taipei ah kan tuah lai I meeting ah rak kai ve tiah an ka sawm.

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Meeting kan thonk zing ah ruahlo pi in Republic of China (Taiwan) President nu Tsai Ing Wen nih bia a rak chim. Cu meeting a dih zan ah Foreign Ministry nih zanriah dum tti nak an tuah. Deputy Foreign Minister pa nih dinner cu an kan host.Nihnih chung meeting ah a biapi in ceih khan mi cu Peoples Republic of China hi zeitluk in dah minung khuaruah ning, nuhrin covo a buar ning pawl hi Indo-Pacific region ram pawl caah ttih a nun ti kong bik kha asi.

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Democracy in ai hruai mi Republic of China (Taiwan) hi Communist in ai hruai mi Peoples Republic of China he ai ral ngai mi an si caah le Indo-Pacific region ah democracy a len khawh nak hnga le China influence kham nak ding ah fak ngai in a ttang mi asi caah Burma ram I democracy le nuhrin covo a duh mi hna caah kan hawi ttha an si kho.

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Nai hrawng Communist PRC nih kan ram Democracy movement ah zeitluk in dah dawnkhan tu asi le ttih a nun timi mipi nih kan vun theih fian deuh rual rual in PRC kham nak ah zeitindah hawi kan iser lai ti hi ciammam te in ruah le ttan lak phu ngai asi. Democracy le nuhrin covo a duhmi kan caah cun Communist China cu zeitik hmanh ah kan hawi ttha asi kho lai lo ti mi cu a fiang.

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Asi kun ah tah Democracy a hmang mi Republic of China (Taiwan) hi kan hawi ah kan ser kho hnga lo maw? Hmanthlak hi kan meeting lio I Republic of China (Taiwan) President nu Tsai Ing Wen bia a chim lio le Ministry of Foreign Affairs zanriah dum nak ah Foreign Minister he hman kan I thlak mi ka vun tar. Credit: Salai Bawi Lian Mang

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