Zunkhat a puah I vawlei ahninh! (atang ah Laica in ka tial). The man with The Golden Gun and A silver Bullet for the People of Burma. Just one shot. And you shake the World! Every Ambassadors of Burma around the World should follow this example and stand with the people.I have traveled New York and Geneva several times.

Advocating the UN General Assembly in New York, speaking at the UN Human Rights Commission, human rights council and other UN mechanism trying to lobby other countries to speak up for our people. Now, This Man Speaks. His statement makes me jump out of my bed. You are the peoples’s envoy my friend!

May be an image of 1 person and text that says "MYANMAR"

Mah pa hi Burma ram mipi caah Sui meithal ah Ngun kuanfang a rawn I Kawl ralkap a kap tu asi. Zunkhat a puah I vawlei ahninh! New York le Geneva ah vawi tam ial ka kal. UN General Assembly ah si seh Human Rights Commission le Human Rights Council le adang UN mechanism ah Burma ram mipi kan sining ramdang mi nih rak kan chimpi uh tiah heh tiah kan rak forhfial tawn hna.

Kan lung a rak fah chel, kan tha arak nuam chel. Tuzing ah mah pa biachim ka thawh hlan in ihkhun cung in ka zoh I a biachim a dih ah cun ihkhun cung in zeitik kar ah ka per I ttuang ka phak manh ka thei lo.UN ah Mipi nih an funh mi bia a chim. Cu biacu Sui meithal ah Ngun kuanfang rawn mi in Kawl ralkap a kah mi hna nih vawlei pi ahninh. Mipi aiawh timi cu mah hi asi! Credit: Salai Bawi Lian Mang

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