Mualpho lak in ralhrang kawlralkap an um hoi cang. Ralhrang kawlralkap nih Aungbali an tuahmi cu mipi nih an cawk duh lo ruangah a zuartu hna cu hlawknak pakhat hmanh hmu loin an sung. Ram buai hlan ahcun Aungbali hi pakhatnak a paoh mi nih ting thongkhat an rak hmuh khawh. Sihmanhsehlaw ralhrang kawlralkap nih uknak an lak hnu cun pakhat nak a hmumi hi ting thongnga ah atla.

Ralhrang nih uknak an lak hlan ahcun Ticket a cawtu hi minung tingkhat le thong sawmli hrawng an um peng. Asinain ralhrang nih uknak an lak hnu ah cun Aungbali ticket a cawtu hi minung tingkhat hmanh an tling fangfang a si. Aungbali a zuartu hna cu ralhrang kawlralkap hna nih nan zuar man ah 70% pek nan si lai tiah bia an rak kamh hna.

Sihmanhsehlaw a cawtu mipi an tlawmtuk tikah a zuartu hna cu pakhat hmanh an hmuh dingmi a um ti lo i, sungzatlak nih a chiah cang hna. Culawng siloin tthenkhat Aungbali a zuartu hna cu an mah tangka in a zin an seih piak mi hna zong a um i, leiba he aa ciahmi zong an um tiah theih asi. Hi konghe pehtlaiin ralkap nih uknak an lak hnu ah pakhatnak apaoh mi cu ting thong 15 pek nan si lai an rak ti nain pakhatnak a paohmi cu ting thongnga lawng an rak pek ti asi.

The business of the Aung Bar Lay lottery | Frontier Myanmar

Thawngpang dang: Chin Person of the Year Thawngthanhnak.Kan dihlak kan ton cio bantukin, 2021 cu kumdang he aa lo hrim lo. Covid-19 zawtnak in siseh, kan kawlram uk tthalomi buainak ruangah, kan miphun caah ahar lio ngaimi caan asi.Cu he pehtlaihin, CYONA Chin Person of the Year thimmi zong kumdang he aa dang deuhin kan rak tuah. Hi harnak caan ah, kan miphun chungin pumpak in siseh, buu rianttuannak in siseh, a lamkip in rianttha a ttuanmi upatnak pek ding le zohchunh awktlak tampi nan um.Mipi nih ruahnak pekmi zoh buin le CYONA upa rianttuan liomi hna ruahnak funtom in, Person of the Year a thimtu buu nih 2021 Chin Person of the Year cu Chinland Defense Force (CDF) kan rak pek hna. CDF cu kan Chin miphun luatnak kan hmuhkhawhnak ding caah ralttha ngaiin miphun le ram kilvengtu le nunnak tiang a petu an si.

Hlanlio kan pipu miralttha hna nih, mirang ralkap an rak doh hna bantukin, nihin ni zongah CDF nih kawl ralkap ttha lo zong an doh ve hna. Kan Chin miphun nih pipu ram kan i ngeihchunhmi, kilven ding le a kilvengtu ttanpi ding cu kan rian cio asi. CYONA nih Chin State chungin hmunkip ah dirhmi CDF-Tonzang, ZFU, CNDF, CDF-Thantlang, CDF- Hakha, CDF– Zophei, CDF– Lautu, CDF – Zotung, CDF–Mara, CDF–Matupi, CDF–Mindat, CDF–Kanpetlet, CDF– Palehwa, CDF– KKG nan dihlak upatnak kan in pek hna. Kan miphun le kan ram nan kilvennak le nunnak nan pekmi cungah CYONA nih kan in dirpi hna i lunglawmhnak kan langhter.

ENGLISH. CHIN Person of the Year Announcement. 2021 has been an unlikely year for many of us. From the Covid-19 pandemic to the political turmoil in our native land, Burma, we experienced unprecedented times. Likewise, choosing the CYONA Chin Person of the Year has been unlike previous years. Our committee had a difficult task as we realized that there are many individuals and organizations deserving of this recognition this year. The challenging events brought many individuals and organizations who stepped up to help their fellow brothers and sisters all over the world. After considering inputs from the public and local CYO chapters’ leaders, the committee picked CDF as 2021 Chin Person of the Year.

We are reminded of the sacrifices of so many CDF members, many of whom have given the ultimate sacrifice by giving their lives for Chin people.Just as our Chin forefathers took up arms against the British invaders, ordinary Chin civilians fought and continue to fight the Burmese invaders. As one of the founders of the Union of Burma, Chin people have a sacred duty to defend our people and land against domestic and foreign enemies. CYONA is proud of all CDF members and congratulates CDF members as 2021 Chin Person of the Year.

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